Videos – Shir HaShirim, Hallel, Tefillat Tal

Without being able to pray in community during this time of social distancing, I found myself missing the opportunity to some of the special prayers and readings that we do during the Passover holiday.

I recorded these videos partly as a way of helping people feel connected to the holiday at home, and partly because song and prayer is central to how I celebrate. I look forward to the chanting of Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) in the special holiday trope, to singing Hallel (a collection of psalms sung on holidays), and to the poetry that is unique to each occasion.

I hope the videos below can offer a little taste of the joy of Passover.

The entire book of  Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) is customarily read on the intermediary Shabbat of Passover. Learn more here.


Hallel: Psalms 113-118, traditionally recited or sung on holidays.


A special poetic prayer for dew is usually said by the leader at the beginning of the repetition on the first day of Pesach. You can learn more about Tefillat Tal and find the full text here.