Poetry inspired by Parshat Shemot

Drawn from the water, from amongst the reeds
Reeds swaying in the current, bending to the wind
the river gives and the river takes
flooding its banks, laying silt as a blanket upon the earth
feeding the nation and whispering death.

We are the watchers along the shores
guarding these waters, and those who pass through them
who stand eyes wide, in shadow, with ready hands - 
Ready to catch and guide what needs to be born
to hold you on our sacred stones.
The tide turns; a passage opens
Water breaking wailing cresting traversing life and death
we sweetly lift the caul from your mouth
as the Divine kisses you with breath.

Where the water goes we shall go
chasing wells through the wilderness,
Sweet water, bitter water, water running with blood.
Let the reeds be our witnesses
They will merit to tell our tale.