Mother Blessings

Poetry inspired by Parashat Vayechi

Gather together and hear, oh daughters
Come listen to the wisdom of your Mothers:

Leap like a gazelle on the hilltop
dodging and dancing in joy. 
Your brothers who chased you, the hunters who lie in wait
Have had their time -  their season is past.

But you, beloved, whose eyes shine 
wine dark, like the churning seas --
blessing will pour upon you from above and below, 
from within and without
blessings of breast and womb, sustenance and mercy. 

The wellspring of the deep will burst forth from within you
And I will shower you with my divine flow from the heavens
like wine, like the juice of the pomegranate, pulsing through your veins
draping you in the robes of a queen.

This love cannot be quenched
red fire, burning hot, awakened in its time.
In your lifeblood, live, my daughters. 
In your lifeblood, live.