Learn With Me

I offer teaching and spiritual mentorship that is deeply rooted in Jewish text and tradition and integrates mind, body, heart, and spirit.

I believe we are all whole, integrated selves. In my teaching and mentoring, I seek to bring our ancient texts and wisdom into conversation with our embodied experience, intuition, and creativity.

You might enjoy working with me if you

  • like to go deep
  • find yourself drawn to learning more about Jewish and other spiritual teachings. 
  • want to bring your whole self to your exploration, in all of your complexity
  • would like support as you find your way into a grounded spiritual practice that works for you

Individual and Group Study

I offer learning opportunities for individuals and groups, tailored to your unique interests and needs. Some possible areas for exploration are:

  • Connecting with Jewish prayer
  • Creative writing as a spiritual practice
  • Jewish holiday ritual and celebration
  • Exploring sacred text – Torah, Talmud, and more

One-on-one mentorship

I offer one-on-one spiritual mentorship and support. I am open to a one-time session to explore questions that are important to you, or meeting together on an ongoing basis. Some of the areas we can explore together include:

  • support in developing your own Jewish spiritual practice
  • spiritual support and guidance during difficult times and life transitions
  • consultation in planning lifecycle celebrations and rituals
  • questions about life, the universe, and everything!
  • mentorship in pursuing conversion to Judaism