Chag Sameach – Happy Passover! Some Torah & general updates

I haven’t been active in posting to this site much recently. I often have the idea of editing or expanding on a d’var Torah I give on Shabbat, but I often lose motivation to edit or write things down in a way to make them fit for print. There is also something different about the energy of the moment and the insights that come from being in conversation with people in real time that is difficult to translate. I have developed something of an appreciation for the ephemerality of spoken teaching. Not everything has to be captured and recorded for perpetuity.

I recently wrote a d’var Torah for our local Jewish newspaper, the New Jersey Jewish Standard, which is all edited and ready to go. Here’s the link to my d’var Torah on Parashat Vayikra & Zachor “Remembering the Past, Transforming the Present”.

While I haven’t been writing much long form, I have been experimenting with other social media platforms. You can follow me on Instagram @rabbi_lindsey or Like my Page on Facebook, where I share reflections on spirituality, Jewish practice, and sometimes art. I mostly use my account to follow news, politics, and other stuff that keeps you up at night, but you can follow me on Twitter @RabbiLindseyHP.

As those of us celebrating Passover head into the final two-day stretch, I wish Chag Sameach to all who are celebrating. May it be a season of renewal and redemption for us, and for our neighbors of other traditions who are marking their own sacred times.